Christmas Quiz 2017 answers

The winner of the Christmas Quiz,drawn from the sheets with correct answers,is a joint entry from John and  Joy Baker. Thank you to those who took part. The  quiz plus mistletoe sales made a profit of £165 Well done Fontaine!


lelbs    bells
isentpiota    poinsettia
cleand    candle
gigabrndeer    gingerbread
tewhar    wreath
scralo    carols
edinerer    reindeer
gostinck    stocking
esokoci    cookies
gngego    eggnog
gliseh    sleigh
leves    elves
tenessrp    presents
dranlag    garland
sottlemie    mistletoe
figt    gift
yalohid    holiday
legan    angel
leno    noel
stranemon    ornaments
credembe    December
womanns    snowman
dancy enca    candy cane
sliten    tinsel
eylu    yule
raify    fairy
kerscrac    crackers
nemic spie    mince pies
natved darcalen    advent calendar
eftril    trifle
army dan jephos    Mary and Joseph
sujes    Jesus
pholdur    Rudolph
shatmiscr darc   Christmas card
german    manger
edkony    donkey
thebehelm    Bethlehem
herfat schmatris    Father Christmas
yurket    turkey
srubles stourp    Brussel sprout   (Sorry we lost an S on the way!)