Answers to Christmas Quiz

Total raised £116 Thank you Fontaine!

This quiz was taken from the internet and we trusted their answers (There is a moral there somewhere!) However we do have a winner. Congratulations to Helen Gordon who receives the £10 prize.

1.Cairo             (correct at time quiz was written)                                            

2. Ham

3. Ribs

4. Ivy

5. Senegal

6. Tara

7. Madeira Islands

8. Adams

9. Sloe

10. Irrawaddy

11. Samovar

12. Nova Scotia

13. Ectoplasm

14. Agadir

15. Rain

16. Lima

17. Yom Kippur incorrect answer question ignored by marker (Sorry!)

18. Wal-Mart

19. Ibis

20. Tagus

21. Hair

22. Unto

23. Self Contained Underwater Breathing Apparatus

24. Accra

25. Tabasco Sauce

26. Isobar

27. Madrid

28. Ely

29. Onion

30. Feral

31. Jutland

32. Olympus

33. Yeast

34. Albion

35. Nevada

36. Debussy

37. Palma

38. Leviticus

39. Elgin

40. Avocado

41. Somalia

42. Upper Volta

43.  Red Lion

44. Emerald City

Sentence Christmas is nearly with us a time of joy and pleasure

Christmas Craft Market update

A brilliant day! A really lovely atmosphere with lots of families attending ,excellent stalls, refreshments and help. Happy smiling faces of children after their visit to Father Christmas. Thank you to everyone who supported this event in anyway. The final total (including donations) has now crept up to £2,373 which is a record amount.

Curry Evening

Our thanks to Minar and the staff at the Mogul Manningtree for hosting our fund raising evening. It was an enjoyable meal with excellent company. The Mogul has returned £5 per head resulting in a total of £145 for the Friends funds.